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Throwback – Collaboration in B2B value networks

A month has passed since the final event of the Summerschool of the seminar "Collaboration in B2B value networks" that emerged out of the collaboration between the IAW and Start4Chem - a great chance for a review while preparing for the next semester.

The first round with a total of 24 participants from the disciplines of chemistry, biochemistry and economics benefited from a high degree of interdisciplinary teamwork between the various students.

Over a period of a week, these six teams prepared comprehensive and challenging elaborations on the obstacles of inter-organizational collaboration among start-ups and well-established companies. They developed approaches to bridge the gap based on scientific research theories. The participants had the chance to gain exciting insights in the research field of the disciplines of work and organizational research as well as in the field of chemistry from Prof. Dr. Wilkens and Prof. Dr. Tschulik right at the beginning of the seminar and learned about the intersections and potential synergetic effects that can arise from the integration of the two fields through insightful inputs. Subsequently, these impressions gained from the research perspective were enriched by an interactive exchange with practitioners. Marc Schreiber (Covestro & Go Clear), Dr. Jelena Stojadinovic (Membrasenz) and Martin Huber (Poligy) talked about their experiences in the field of inter-organizational collaboration and its major significance and importance for start-ups as well as established companies, especially in the chemical industry, and about the hurdles they have encountered.

In the digital simulation Lab called Collaboration Space, which is didactically based on an escape game, the students themselves were given the unique opportunity not only to experience hurdles of collaboration in their teams, but also to overcome them.

Ultimately, both the impressions of research and practitioners as well as the students' own experiences from the simulation created the basis for the students' presentations, including pitches and online presentations in the plenary session on 16 September. Beyond that, the two best pitches won a group coupon for an escape room of their choice at Think Square, a start-up in Bochum with whom both the collaboration and the think space at the university have been established in cooperation.

Many thanks to all participants for a successful first run and we are looking forward to the upcoming semester.